Are you still downloading .exe files like some kinda chump? Check out Scoop, a package manager for Windows not too dissimilar to Chocolatey which ought to be very familiar to any Linux enthusiast. It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and it’s open source. Yes, Scoop is great but this article is not about extolling the virtues of the package management tool.

This guide is mostly a reference for myself as it’s a workflow that I find myself following whenever I set up a new Linux machine. I’m sharing it here as I’m sure many will find this useful, and it will save me from looking up each distinct step in the future.

I also took the opportunity to add some bonus network configuration tips to get the most out of the setup.

I never noticed it growing up but I see it now, TOS is profoundly flakey. My ST has a TOS 1.62 ROM built in and it does not play nice with hard drives.

There’s a simple solution to this, use the wonderful open source EmuTOS instead. Now I’m not resourceful enough to go writing EmuTOS to a flash ROM but my ST does have enough RAM that I can easily get away with loading it up from the hard drive.


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