Are you still downloading .exe files like some kinda chump? Check out Scoop, a package manager for Windows not too dissimilar to Chocolatey which ought to be very familiar to any Linux enthusiast. It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and it’s open source. Yes, Scoop is great but this article is not about extolling the virtues of the package management tool.

You see, out of the box it’s missing a pretty key feature! Users of apt-get will be familiar with the upgrade argument which, well, upgrades all upgradeable installed packages. It is possible to pass in an asterisk as a parameter to the scoop update command, but for simplicity I’d like a dedicated command. Well fam, Scoop got ya back. Check out the help text for the scoop alias command:

Usage: scoop alias add|list|rm [<args>]

Add, remove or list Scoop aliases

Aliases are custom Scoop subcommands that can be created to make common tasks

To add an Alias:
    scoop alias add <name> <command> <description>

    scoop alias add rm 'scoop uninstall $args[0]' 'Uninstalls an app'
    scoop alias add upgrade 'scoop update *' 'Updates all apps, just like brew or apt'

  -v, --verbose   Show alias description and table headers (works only for 'list')

It only goes and tells you how to add an alias for updating all the apps:

scoop alias add upgrade 'scoop update *' 'Updates all apps, just like brew or apt'

Now next time you want to update all installed apps, just hack it in:

scoop upgrade